Why students skipping class or ditching ?

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Why students skipping class or ditching ?

Moises Bastida-Diaz, Staff Reporter

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The new building is a famous place for people to ditch or skip a class. Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz

Oscar Espinoza skips class chilling in the hallway. Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz

Sandra Orozco likes to work outside her class room. Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz

McDonald’s and Fran’s beef  may be tempting for students to ditch and go out to eat. Dodge ball and other sports can cause students to go and play with friends at the school’s gym.

Most people at Juarez have ditched or skipping classes because they just want to go somewhere else during school hours. Skipping class is more common in Juarez some kids go to other classes where they don’t belong and just hand out with their friends. Ditching school is when you leave from the school grounds to go do other things that you have planned with yourself or others.

I interviewed  students that wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Student 1 said he leaves the school because, “school can sometimes be frustrating and sometimes you can get hungry and go out to eat because either you don’t get full from the school’s lunch or you don’t eat the nasty school lunch. ”

Student 2 has admitted he has skipped classes for many reasons.

“I don’t get along with the teachers, bored from  that class, want to go hang out with friends,and you can still stay in school and get a way with not showing up to a class.”

“Most people that skip classes are people who don’t care for grades , attendance , opportunities to learn something new they will miss,” said Student 3 who doesn’t ditch.

Students may decide to ditch or skip class but they do it on their own risk by sabotaging their own attendance and grades.

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