Automotive class gives Juarez students hands on training

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Automotive class gives Juarez students hands on training

Moises Bastida Diaz, Staff reporter

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Automotive Class at Benito Juarez shows students who attend how to work on their cars. They learn how to change oil, add new brakes,and also how to matinee a car clean and running. Hands on training is how they learn also by doing packets from mechanical books.

“It’s a great teaching class because the knowledge we learn is adaptable to the automotive industry,” said Jose Servin.


Luis Herrera posing for a picture next to the old school mustang Photo by Moises Bastida


Automotive class works on the mustang’s motor Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz


Simulator which they practice on before actually doing it on a real car Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz


Alfredo Rivas picking up the class room after they finished working on a car Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz


Jerrey Bastida and Mr. Valdez pose by the mustang. Photo by Moises Bastida Diaz


Damion Rodriguez puts his tire back on his SUV. Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz

Jose Cortes waxes his car. Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz


Luis Herrera helps Daniel Rico put on a tire.  Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz


Jerry Bastida is happy he’s completed his task on the car behind him. Freddy Estrada looks on.  Photo by Moises Bastida-Diaz

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