Getting To Know Christopher Dominguez

Nicole Loera, Staff Reporter

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Christopher Dominguez is a senior at Juarez, and he plans on taking a different route after graduation. Instead of going to college, Christopher enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Soon he will become one of the few and the proud, a United States Marine.

“Right before high school I knew I wanted to join the military I just didn’t know which one,” Dominguez said.

Why the Marines?  “There’s something different about it, other than the Army, Air Force, or Navy,” said Dominguez.

Even though he was certain about his choice to join the military that doesn’t mean the transition into boot camp will be an easy one.

“I’m a little nervous but not too much, I think I’ll be ready with all the training we do,” said Dominguez.

He’s been going to the recruiting office to work out, and that’s where they help him prepare. They have different types of exercises and drills to perform, so that way Chris will be physically prepared for when he leaves for boot camp on June 19th 2017.

Chris plans on staying in the Marine Corps for more than 20 years, so he can become a JROTC instructor. Being in MCJROTC for 4 years at Juarez helped him decide that he wanted to do this.

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