Esmeralda Lorenzo: Tardy but motivated

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Esmeralda Lorenzo: Tardy but motivated

Christopher Dominguez, staff reporter

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Lorenzo, Esmeralda is a junior at Benito Juarez Community Academy. She is a smart and energetic student that sometimes goes by the nickname of BigO’Doughnuts.

One of the accomplishments that she is most proud of is getting the highest score in the YPFT at Cadet Leadership Class out of all of the girls.

But what is even more surprising than just getting the highest score in the YPFT is what we don’t see. She said that she doesn’t like pizza, and that it is too cheesy for her.

She also said that she would like to meet,”Dora, so that she can go exploring with her, and visit the world with her in a day. And to also learn new languages.”

Her favorite excuse for not turning in her homework is that she was studying to much and it disappeared.

Some interesting facts about her are that during her free time she likes reading books as well as facebook posts and judging them. She also likes to bake – especially cookies.

In her opinion, she thinks that adults don’t understand the new trends and the new styles.

Some words that describe her are “cool beans,” chef,” and “motivated.”

When she was younger she would imagine herself as a princess. She wanted to talk to the birds and the mouse by her house.

Somethings that she would like to change would be to be on time since she is always late for everything, especially for 1st period, and she wants to be more patient.



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