Perfectionist Loeza

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Perfectionist Loeza

Kyanna Diaz, Staff Reporter

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Jorge Loeza

Class Year: 2016

Nickname: Loeza

Accomplishment most proud of: Maintaining a job to make that young bread ($$$)

Teachers would be surprised to know: That I am very persuasive

Fictional character I’d like to meet: Wolverine to talk about his horrible experiences and his best

Favorite excuse for not turning in my homework:  Aliens abducted my homework. Not me only my homework. Got mugged by a monkey. My hamster ate it.

Things to do on my free time: Spend time with my friends

Biggest regret about high school: Not dropping out

What adults can’t seem to understand about kids: Kids are kids! They have their own problems!

Three words to describe me : “Alright..that’s it!”

When I was younger, I used to imagine myself as: A straight “A” student

Biggest change I’d like to make in myself : Nothing I am perfect.

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