Who is Peter White?

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Who is Peter White?

Kyanna Diaz, Staff Reporter

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Pedro Blanco

Class Year: 2016                                                              Nickname: Peter White

  • Accomplishment most proud of: Having decent grades Freshman year
  • Teachers would be surprised to know: I study martial arts
  • Fictional character I’d like to meet: Percy Jackson. Why not? He’s the son of Poseidon and has a mission from the Greek Gods.
  • Favorite excuse for not turning in my homework: “ I fell asleep early.”
  • Things to do on my free time: Play madden and go out with friends
  • Biggest regret about high school: Joining a sport late in the year
  • What adults can’t seem to understand about kids : The way they see certain things. Ex. Relationships
  • Three words to describe me : Chill, opinionated, funny
  • I used to imagine myself as… being a cop
  • Biggest change I’d like to make in myself : Stop giving a BLEEP about what people got to say.
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