“Strive For Greatness”

Amber Harvey, Staff Reporter

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Antionette Dunmar’s plays on the JV basketball team at Benito Juarez Academy.

” I’ve been playing since Sixth grade,” said Dunmars.

Dunmars and the JV team are eager to finish the season strong. The team will improve as the season continues,

” I want to work on shooting better and handling the ball better,” said Dunmars.

Antoinette Dunmars poses for a photo before her game against Lakeview. Photo Credit: Amber Harvey


The team has practice everyday after school at 2:50 P.M until 4:45 P.M and are given study hall on Fridays.

When asked about the basketball season Dunmars said

“It’s fun when the basketball season comes around, I get to leave my anger on the floor when I’m playing,” she said.

She has advice for anyone who wants to join basketball but feels like they aren’t ready.

“If you try hard enough you’ll get better and if you want to be good you got to put hard work and dedication in.”

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