Gender Norms

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Gender Norms

Jacqueline Mora, Staff Reporter

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Former student, Vanessa Mora graduated in 2015 here at Benito Juarez. She was a very quiet student but got her work done. The issue that bothered her was gender norms because they weren’t being brought up or explained well. She attends Saint Xavier University.

She says “It’s being more talked about here than when I was in high school.”

She was very eager to tell me her thoughts about gender norms.

You don’t really sit and think about what the definition of gender norms really is.

“Gender norms consist of what a man and woman should do individually,” said Mora.

According to the website People of our everyday life, “A “gender norm” is a behavior or attribute that society attributes to a particular sex.” For example, a man should work while a woman stays home and does housework.

The way it is does not really settle well with just the two genders of male and female.
“I just think that it’s kind of a tension between man and woman,”

For example, many get triggered if a boy wants to dress like a girl because they think that it’s wrong and not masculine.

It’s a personal choice to believe what you want to believe.
‘Kids can assume any gender they want, despite having an actual gender at birth,” said Mora.

According to the website The college fix, “Allowing the LGBT community to self-identify also supports the university’s priority of creating an inclusive and welcoming campus environment.”

According to the website, “It’s going to take a while to get adjusted to the new lifestyles that come with gender roles, but it will improve the lives of others.”

“They just want to live a normal life, and not have to worry about such conflicts,” adds Mora.
Life is too short to be worrying about what other people think.

Life is what you make of it, and if you feel comfortable in your own skin, do you and be happy. Society likes to put things in our head that makes us believe that we can’t do something because it doesn’t fit in the category of our gender. Be yourself and life the life you choose to live in.

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