CPS lunch man’s trip to the U.S.

Moises Perez, Editor

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Alfredo Tecun came to the United States to find a better opportunity.


“I was 28 years old when I arrived here,” said Tecun. “In this country, the American Dream becomes a reality.” 

For Tecun, Guatemala was a very poor country with too much violence and robbery due to it’s problems with the drug trade. For that reason he thinks that the United States is better than Guatemala. 

“It is difficult to brings our kids over here because of the immigration problem, ” said Alfredo.

In his opinion, Alfredo thinks that parents should not bring their children here because it is too dangerous..

“It is worth coming here, but it requires a lot of sacrifice,” said Alfredo.

In addition, too many die on their journey. The risk is high, but the reward is even higher.

“I thank God for helping me complete my American dream. I was able to work, help my kids succeed, and my grandchildren who are on the right road to a better future than what they could have found in our own country,” Alfredo said.

Due to all of Alfredo’s family being in the United States, he does not see himself going ever going back because he sees no reason to leave them.

“I thank the United States government for receiving me and giving me the opportunity to find something better and all of my family, so thank you for all the help they have given me,” said Alfredo.

Surely, Alfredo is very much thankful for the opportunity the government gave him to raise his children in a great country.



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