Worst Christmas Songs EVER!

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Worst Christmas Songs EVER!

Kyanna Diaz and Roberto Andrade

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Madonna- Santa Baby

Originally was recorded by Eartha Kitt in July 1953. Later, Madonna did a rendition to Santa Baby for one of her charity albums.

Kyanna : What in the world? Come on Madonna you’re better than this! Your voice sounds horrible girl.

Roberto: Madonna, you should’ve let Whitney Houston sing this song.


Was originally sung by Darlene Love. Then, changed up because the song needed more “emotion.” Later, the song was first on the list of the Rolling Stone magazine sung by U2.

Kyanna: I hope this wasn’t dedicated to someone. If I were the girl id go M.I.A

Roberto: Stop! Stop Singing it’s making my ears are bleeding!!!!!!!!

Britney Spears- My only wish

Written by Brian Kierulf and recorded in 2000.  Charted on the Billboards Holiday Songs in 2011.

Kyanna: I will be your Santa and give you whatever you want, but please stop singing ! Your voice sounds like a little girl.



Is a sampled of Doris Day’s “Here comes Santa Claus.” Soundtrack of Fre Claus.

Kyanna: When you rap it’s cool , but not when you rap about Christmas !

Roberto: You should just quit!

TLC-Sleigh Ride

Soundtrack of Home alone 2 :Lost in New York

Kyanna: I don’t even know. What is this ? Like rap and trash or something put together.

Roberto: Speechless. (Not in a good way)

Lady Gaga- Christmas Tree

Released in 2008. Written and produced by Gaga. Lyrically, the song uses sexual innuendos.

Kyanna: Everything you do is weird, but this is just….weirdER.

Roberto: You’re making me go GAGA! (Crazy)

David Hasselhoff- The christmas songs

David was part of a popular show called Knight Rider.Also, appeared in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie..

Kyanna: What ? What? What!!!!

Roberto: Zzzzz. My new lullaby.

Elmo & Patsy -Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Written by Randy Brooks and released in 1979. Later performed as a duo by husband and wife Elmo and Pastry.

Kyanna: This is just sad…depressing…I love my grandma!

Roberto: Is your grandma still alive?? Well she doesn’t love you no more!

Bob Dylan- It must be Santa

Written by Hal Moore and Bill Fredericks and released in 1960. Later, in 2009 Bob Dylan covered the song in polka style.

Kyanna: It’s not Santa. Now, stop singing !

Roberto: Is this a St. Patrick’s day or Christmas ?

Cyndi Lauper- Christmas Conga

Written and released by Cyndi in 1998. The album this song was on sold 26,000 copies. (Merry Christmas…Have a nice life)

Kyanna: Girl…I’m so shocked. I loved “Girls just wanna have fun,” but this makes me so sad..

Roberto: I feel like I’m walking into a Mexican hat dance party.

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