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Kyanna Diaz and Roberto Andrade

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So it is said that Jason’s favorite day is FRIDAY THE 13TH!

On Friday the 13th, Jason comes out and HUNTS trying to find revenge.

This year, CPS students will have this Friday off.

This shall be interesting!

Will the students meet Jason?!?

Many people believe that their can be a negative concurrence on this day.

According to Roberto , Friday the 13th is just another Friday that he gets to spend with his girlfriend.

Roberto, is one of the lucky ones. He has never had anything bad happen to him on this day.

I, on the other hand am not so lucky. On this day , last year, I was involved in a bad car accident.

I blame this on the bad curse this day holds.

It is said that if 13 people dine together, one of them will die within a year(Julia Greenberg).

How crazy is that!?

According to Julia Greenberg from Ibtimes, Friday is considered the most unluckiest day.

So, how is someone not supposed to have a bad occurrence on this crazy unlucky day?


Don’t you worry Kyanna! It will just be another regular day in Chicago.

Think of all the good things a Friday brings to us. The weekend, pay checks, time to spend with our loved ones.

And believe me something good will happen. I think you have just been watching too much TV.

Let’s just be real, a bad day can be any day of the week not just on a Friday, especially not Friday the 13th.

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