Misunderstood or just Mistreated?

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Misunderstood or just Mistreated?

Gerardo Bautista, Staff Reporter

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The Facts

Chicago is a city in which many things go on, either bad or good, but many cities have bad things in which affect a majority of the people. Minorities seem to be having the most trouble with daily things and people don’t know what to do about it.

In a normal everyday high school, Benito Juarez Community Academy, there are more things going on than meets the eye. 2 cops patrol the school and maintain control of the things that go on within those walls. What most people don’t know is that there are 2 cops located in every cps high school.

Officer 1 and officer 2 are CPD officers who have been a part of taking care of crime in the Pilsen area. They work with teenagers who have troubles, but taking care of teenagers isn’t their only job within the city of Chicago.

Police officers have to deal with all sorts of crime in the city. They have to deal with the bad that nobody else has to. The media today portrays cops as people who have a higher authority than other people and they use that to take advantage of all situations.


       “The media magnifies an incident without exploring full facts and instills a fear complex in officers in which the public becomes afraid.” Officer 2 stated this and it is quite true. Many news outlets try to be the first to talk about new stories without getting to know the real facts and what actually went on.

      Social narratives are social situations in which people have to respond in a socially acceptable way.  “In a split second, as an officer you have to make a decision”, Officer 2 implied. People have to be aware that the officer is putting their life on the line everyday, and any decision they make can be criticized by the media.

     Officers are aware of what their job is and all the outcomes that come out of it. They know that that they can be hated on and they know that social narratives play a role in everyday lives. So do social narratives play a part in the way an officer performs their work?

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