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Diane Bell doesn’t suffer fools

Oscar Pardina, Staff Reporter

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The accomplishment I’m most proud of:

Becoming a teacher later in life

Most of my peers would be surprised to know:

I Play hockey

The fictional character I’d like to meet in real life:

Lixbeth Salander! Female, goth, hacher. What’s not to find interesting there?!

My favorite excuse for not turning in homework on time:

Blackhawks were on!

I like to spend my free time:

What free time? Watch movies 

My biggest regret about high school:

Missing volleyball season senior year due to foot surgery. 

What most adults don’t seem to understand about kids:

 You tell me 😉

Three words or phrases that describe me best:

Curmudgeonly but caring. Don’t suffer fools too easily. 

When I was younger, I used to imagine myself as :

A veterinarian or a worker in an international aid organization 

The biggest change I’d like to make in myself:

What! I’m perfect as is!… Probably take better care of myself. 

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The student news site of Benito Juarez Community Academy
Diane Bell doesn’t suffer fools