Alumni Forever Thankful

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Alumni Forever Thankful

Franklin Joaquin- Junior at DePaul University

Franklin Joaquin- Junior at DePaul University

Franklin Joaquin- Junior at DePaul University

Franklin Joaquin- Junior at DePaul University

Kyanna Diaz, Staff Reporter

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In September of 2009, Franklin Joaquin walked into a new school and new environment. He saw new people and had to deal with all the odd rules they had set up.

Joaquin hated being at Juarez. Juarez did not have what he wanted; a culinary program.

Eventually, his hatred went away.

“In addition to finding my friends, I developed strong bonds and relationships with several, if not all, of my teachers,” Franklin said. This was the number one reason why he didn’t leave Juarez.

His teachers nurtured Joaquin’s curiosity and helped him learn, making Franklin the person he is today.

The relationship with his teachers strengthened as the years went by. This was very helpful because…SENIOR YEAR CAME!

The thought of having to apply to Universities and Colleges can be very stressful.

Luckily for Joaquin, he had a great aid and resource who simplified and helped streamline the application processes for him.

With the help of his counselor, Franklin Joaquin became the finalist for the Posse scholarship, and became the recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship.

With this scholarship, Franklin chose to attend DePaul University because it was a highly accredited school. Plus, it was in Chicago.

Uh oh! Another first day of school was waiting for Joaquin.

“Much like high school, the University setting was a complete shock to what I had been accustomed to,” Franklin says.

But was it really all that bad?

“Classes at first were very strange because unlike high school, attendance is not mandatory and some aspects of the workload disappeared,” said Franklin.

The pressure and the demand will all depend on how many classes someone decides to take and on your major.

Franklin Joaquin decided to major in Biology with a concentration in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.  He lives and breathes it.

“I try to implement as much of my major into my social and recreational life,” Joaquin says.

Joaquin is not all about science stuff though. He tries to help people learn about scholarship opportunities, as well as helpful time management and budgeting skills.

Joaquin will never forget the teaching staff at Juarez and will forever be thankful.

“Great teachers give tomorrow’s generation a better chance, and we owe them a great deal of thanks.”  


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