Juarez Alumni Travels To The Middle East

Dolores Garcia will soon move to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to become an English teacher at the world's largest all-women university.

2001 graduate Dolores Garcia will soon be teaching English in Saudi Arabia.

2001 graduate Dolores Garcia will soon be teaching English in Saudi Arabia.

Sherelyn Garduno, Author

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Can you imagine traveling to an entirely different country to teach English? That’s exactly what a Juarez alumna will do. Dolores Garcia graduated in 2001. She loved her experience at Juarez and is even jealous of the improvements since her graduation. Since her graduation she majored in Spanish literature and linguistics, and minored in sociology. Now she’s an English teacher and has her own online business teaching English.

Soon, she will travel to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She will be teaching English in the world’s largest all women’s university.

“This trip serves to kill 3 birds with one stone,” she said via email.

The three birds would be to learn how people live happily regardless of her opposing views on the cultural norms in the country, make a lot of friends at the university, and would also like to learn classical Arabic, and colloquial Arabic, cook mansaf which is Palestinian dish made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt and served with rice or bulgur, and  experience Bedouin life in the desert through camping trips.

Not everyone would travel just to teach English, but Dolores was influenced to take this trip because of her religion.

“I have not always been officially Muslim my whole life, but I have always had a strong faith in God,” said Dolores of her conversion to Islam.  “I used to faithfully go to church every Sunday – by myself – since I was six years old. I LOVED going to church. I LOVED Jesus.” As a teenager she found herself questioning the way her church saw things.

“As ironic as it may sound, I found my love for Jesus again through Islam,” she said.

This trip will fulfill one of her five Muslim obligations – the pilgrimage to Mecca, called “Hajj”, which is required of all Muslims who are able to make the trip.  In addition, she wants to  live in a society with Islamic values, where it is not uncommon to pray 5 times a day with friends, or hearing the call to prayer every morning, and  improve her Arabic reading and speaking skills to perform her prayers and read Quran properly.

Not only does she want to improve on her Arabic but also her Portuguese, and French. I think we can all agree that moving into a different country can come with some struggles. She anticipates her biggest struggles will be having to stay indoors because of Riyadh’s extreme heat, being scared to be stopped by the religious police, and weight gain since Riyadh has no public entertainment.

Although these things may be a struggle, she is still very excited to travel. Dolores has also traveled to South America, France, Tunisia, and Indonesia.

Once she settles in Riyadh,  Eagle Eye News will speak to her once again and catch up on her very unique and amazing trip.


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