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Jessenia Martinez, Alumni Section Editor

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Eduardo Zaragoza’s self portrait and logo

College is a whole other world compared to high school. Juarez graduates are on their way to success as they start their first term in college. It’s only been the first month and Eduardo Zaragoza has already started making his mark in the world.

Being a first generation student, Zaragoza has many opportunities to start out making a name for himself in his first year in college. Throughout high school he was actively involved in all of his art classes including his 3-Dimensional foundation art class. He loves to draw, sketch and paint all the time and picking a college that suited his needs was a challenge. When deadlines for college applications started rolling around the corner Eduardo made a decision.

“I chose The Art Institute of Chicago because I felt it was a good school to learn and expand my drawing and painting skills, and I picked illustration design to do something like graphic designing. After that I want to go to School of the Art Institute of Chicago and try to get my teaching degree,” said Zaragoza.

Way before deciding what college he wanted to go to, Zaragoza was preparing for college. As a first generation student there are many ways a student should prepare themselves, physically and mentally.

“Since I knew I was going to be doing a lot of drawing and painting in college, I just wanted to take a break from actually drawing and painting. I made a lot of artwork in my senior year and I just felt like I needed to take a break before I began to make artwork in college.”

Being accepted is a great feeling and then the nerves start to kick in. Transitioning from high school to college is a major step in a young adult’s life and the first day can be nerve wracking as well.

“Before my first day of college, I felt pretty nervous just knowing I’m going to an art school and knowing there was going to be more artists out there who I was going to have to look up to.” said Zaragoza. “After my first day of class though, I felt comfortable with the students who I had in there. It was an English class but I knew the students were in that school to draw and I felt pretty confident about my drawings.”

College is also expensive. Tuition, books, fees, and transportation all come together and rack up a pretty expensive educational bill. Students can become discouraged because of the total cost of each year. Eduardo on the other hand had another plan.

“I never really thought about selling my artwork, but this one day this guy asked me for a portrait of his son and he paid me $20 and it felt right, just knowing that person appreciated my art. So after that I just began to sell my artwork, not too pricey yet.”

Eduardo has started his very own business selling his artwork that he has accumulated over the years. One of his ideas is making his own logo called EZ-Art. This would contain a drawing of him, family and friends in the background. It is still a work in progress, but Zaragoza has started off his college experience in the right direction. He continues to draw and is always ready to start a new day at AI. This is one Eagle who is Proud, Strong and Soaring to New Heights.

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