All the World’s a Stage

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All the World’s a Stage

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Can drama expand and push students curiosity more than other classes?

It’s not just Algebra World HIstory that students need to learn in school. Students need to learn real-life skills as well. For example, how to resolve issues with your partner or how to get through a jobs interview. These are essential skills that high schools need to teach their students to succeed in life. That’s where drama comes in, to teach the students to analyze the situation and learning what wrong and right.

“Drama already prepares you for job interviews, honor awards, etc. It essentially prepares you to speak in public,” said drama teacher Mr.Pinelli.

According to him, many students are afraid to speak in public and taking drama helps with that next step. It will give a great advantage in life when students get a job or overall speaking in public for students that are not used to doing that. There are even more benefits than this, though.

“It helps you experience things that you were not interested or things you are afraid of,” said drama teacher Mr.Pinelli

With drama, students can find what motivates them and learn their strengths and weaknesses.  They can also learn how to practice and persevere.

“It shows that for example like programs or activities that you enjoy, it takes time or practice to get good of what you enjoy and that’s what makes the fun of what you doing,” said drama teacher Mr.Pinelli

Drama doesn’t only teach acting but help you learn more about yourself and overcome the fears that you had. Drama is like a class of real life that not just learning about other characters but yourself as well and use that skills to overcome life issue or problem. It’s more than just an act.



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