Old School Horror Better than New School Horror

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There have been a lot of horror movies made recently like IT and Cult of Chucky and Jigsaw, the newest in the the Saw saga. Everyone has their own favorite movies.  Some are into the new generation horror movies but some are into the old generation movies.

For Byron Vinalay-Lopez his favorite movie is Saw.

The new horror movies aren´t really scary like the old horror movies. They’re masterpieces not like the new ones. Any Saw movie – the blood, the gore, it’s amazing,” said Byron, a senior.  

Ray Anguiano’s favorite movie is Child’s Play.

“The old movies are classics. You cannot beat the classics. The new ones aren’t really scary. They’re all right but not as good or scary as the old generation movies,” said Ray, a senior.

“The new ones, they’re alright but they kind of suck compared to the old ones. My favorite would be Pinhead.” said swim team member and wrestler John Kugler.

For these seniors, they love the blood, the deaths and the killings of these old school mass killers: Jigsaw, Chucky and Pinhead.

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