Upcoming King Rapper from West Side

Janet Roman, staff reporter

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Lud Foe is a Rap Artist from the West Side of Chicago, Illinois. He was born in July 15, 1996. He started to rap when he was 16 yrs old but wasn’t really into music until he recorded his first song, “187.” Producer Kid Wond3r Beats met Lud Foe in a tattoo shop when he was young and gave him a chance to make his music.
Some of his most popular songs include “Im Da Man”, “187”, “Double Dutch”, “Cuttin Up”, and “Gang in this B*tch.” Lud Foe’s popularity soared in 2016 after releasing as “Im Da Man” and “Cutting Up”. Hip Hop artists such as Lil Durk and Lil Herb guest on his tracks. His music compares to others in a way that his songs talk about gang lifestyle.
Lud Foe performed a small intimate concert at Citlalin Gallery on April 29th. Concertgoers who paid extra were able to meet him before the show. Everyone was so excited to meet and greet him. The people who were in the concert they were dancing and enjoying his presence in the stage. Lud Foe is tall, skinny, and has a very outgoing personality. While he was performing he was grabbing fans hands and picking random people to come up the stage and sing along with him. Once he came out to perform, everyone was hyped up. People were screaming his name and saying “West side!” People were singing and dancing to his songs. From my spot in the front row I was able to shake his hand. Other people got the chance to shake his hand as any other fan. It was such an amazing experience for me because I got to be close with an artist. It felt good being there and having a good time with my friends and getting to see a upcoming artist perform. As time goes by he will become the next Chief Keef and be loved by his fans. As a 20yr old young men he’s quickly moving himself up with his hard work in music.

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