Mr. Passi’s Guitar Life

Mr.Passis guitar Life

Mr.Passis guitar Life

Elizabeth Castillo, Staff reporter

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Mr. Passi is a Special Education teacher. Mr. Passi loves his job because he likes having conversations with teens. He also plays guitar and loves everything about it.

“When my mum was pregnant with me she would listen to Jimi Hendix . When I was old in enough, I had a guitar in my hands,” said Passi.

Mr. Passi have been playing guitar for 22 years. He has had lessons but also taught himself.

“I feel happy and relaxed when I play music,” said Passi.

He loves all type of music and has even been in a band. Mr.Passi has been introducing his love of the guitar to students by leading the guitar club for the past 8 years.

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