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Who is excited for playing the new update GTA HEISTS. Now i will tell you all the information you should know about the new fun update putting in GTA 5 game in all consoles.


There are 5 heists added in the game. There is going to be a leader in every heist.  What this mean is that the leader is going to choose who gets more  money at the end of the heist. In the heist there will be set ups, before going to the final mission and get the big money. The leader will not get money in the set ups missions. Another thing if you complete all the heists in order and in hard difficulty, plus not dying once you will get a bonus heist which you may complete, without dying and complete all the challenges you will get in you squad 10 milion dollars. Dont forget to complete all of this with the same people and leader.



Requirements to play GTA HEISTS:

  • You should be in Rank 12 or higher in order to play this.
  • To be leader you may have a high apartment
  • To do a heist you have to wait until lester calls you and report to your apartment for you heist



Its all done now go and play GTA  5 HEISTS and have fun by winning a lot of money. Dont forget to be tune next time with some new news about games.


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